Welcome to Asanka mart’s Privacy & Cookie Policy Centre

Choosing to shop with the Asanka mart means you've placed a great deal of trust in us.

You share and let us use personal information in order to enjoy a more streamlined and convenient shopping experience. Naturally, you want that personal information to be kept private as well as secure.

To reassure you that we take our responsibility very seriously, this Privacy & Cookie Policy explains how we will use the personal information you give us. It explains your data protection rights, including how you can opt-out of some uses of your personal information. For more information on your rights and how to exercise them, head straight to the 'Your choices and rights' section.

This Privacy & Cookie Policy applies if you use any of our products and services. This includes shopping on any of the Asanka mart websites, on our apps, or using voice-controlled services (such as Amazon's Alexa or Apple's Siri). This policy also applies if you contact us or we contact you about our services, whether by telephone, email, SMS, post, push notifications or via third party digital platforms (including websites or social media platforms).

Policy last updated on 8th April 2019.

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